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Even if we are not all reasonable adults, the expectation is to act like it in this space. Harassment, flaming, or vandalizing will not be tolerated. Bans are at the discretion of the administration and moderators.

Please do not use a character name as your username. We're glad you love Lili's books and characters, but this will only create confusion, and the administration reserves the right to delete all such user accounts.

Please try to be informative without spoilers. Let's keep it fun for everyone, shall we?

Please do not use any particular page as a soapbox for what you wish Lili would/would not write, or your particular feelings about the formats she chooses (or does not choose) to release her work in. Such behavior will result in a ban with extreme prejudice.

Since this wiki is owned by the author of the works being discussed, the author (and administration) reserve(s) the right to modify or delete the information contained on created or edited pages, for obvious reasons. Keep in mind that this is a gathering-space for fans, and act accordingly. Don't do anything here you don't want made public.

That being said, come in, enjoy, and contribute if you like. We're glad you're here.